Meet Sandra -- A marvelous Instructor

Hello Sandra. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Sara: How did you get started with Pilates?

Sandra: Amie Cunha is a friend of mine as well as an instructor here at the Providence Pilates Center. I used to work in banking and then had stayed home with my three boys. She knew I liked exercise and convinced me to come try out Pilates. I fell in love immediately. As I progressed in my training, I was impressed by how much more challenging it became and how great I felt. I also had lower back issues that required weekly visits to the chiropractor which quickly reduced to an adjustment every 6 months or so once I started doing Pilates. A lot of people think that Pilates is just about stretching but it is truly so much more than that. 

Sara: What is your favorite exercise to teach?

Sandra: My favorite exercise to teach is the Long Stretch Series. I love how strong and in control each movement feels. There are so many ways to deepen and modify to keep it fresh and challenging. 

Sara: What other types of exercise do you do?

Sandra: Spin is my cardio exercise of choice which I also teach. It’s a great calorie burner and as long as there is great music playing I am always into it. I also do weight training and I enjoy hiking. 

Sara: What is your secret relaxation method?

Sandra: Give me a beach and a great book to read and I am a very happy girl! I also love to spend time with my three boys and husband. Family time is the best time. 

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