Katie McNamara Incredible Instructor

Come learn more about Katie, one of our wonderful instructors.

Sara: Katie, how did you start doing Pilates?

Katie: I moved to Philadelphia after college. Some friends whom I danced with took me to a mat class with Ann Trenka, a former ballerina. Soon after, I was asked to start teaching the mat work at a local gym, so I bought the book, The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler, and learned details via that book and the teaching. I started working on the equipment with Katherine Livingston, another dance colleague who taught out of her home. The work was a perfect complement to my dance training and performance.

Sara: You often will have clients do some exercises on the barrel. What unique aspect of the barrel do you like?

Katie: The barrel offers a huge range of spinal movement, most popularly, in the Swan, Ballet stretches and Short box series because of its height and the ladder. It offers a good sense of grounding in some of these larger movements. Due to unconscious posturing, we tend to have some restrictions in our spine. The Barrel can aid in mobilizing and strengthening around this. 

 Sara: What is your favorite exercise outside of Pilates?

Katie: Dancing in the studio, dancing in my kitchen with my kids, dancing!

Sara: What is your secret Rhode Island activity?

Katie: I spy on people running and analyze their form. Just kidding! Ok, I do, a bit more of a work habit than anything. 

Sara Dorsch