Meet Amie Cunha — One of Our Fabulous Instructors

Cheryl: Amie, can you explain how TRX complements Pilates? And what are some benefits a client can expect?

Amie: TRX is an exercise system developed by the Navy Seals. Using your own body weight as the resistance, TRX works on strength, balance, and flexibility. You can simulate many of the Pilates Mat and Tower exercises with the TRX. Like Pilates, when doing all of the exercises you need to work from your powerhouse (core) with a strong abdominal engagement. Pilates breathing is essential to the success and results of TRX work. And, even a beginner can work with the TRX as the overall foot and body placement will change the exercises to modified or more challenging. TRX is a killer strength workout for your upper and lower body and will challenge your overall balance.

See video of Amie doing three Pilates exercises with the TRX

Cheryl: What other types of workouts do you like to do?

Amie: What I teach is what I love to do. I love pilates, spin, barre, and TRX. Once in a while I run in the spring/summer

Cheryl: What is your current favorite recipe?

Amie: I love to cook but keep it very simple. I make a holiday raspberry cheese dip that is always a hit and one of my favorites to share!

Cheryl: What is a favorite fun activity that you enjoy with your kids?

Amie: I love being a the beach with my kids… seeing them swim in the ocean and ride the waves; collect shells, search for crabs, cartwheels in the sand…. I love all of it. Summer beach days are the best!!

Sara Dorsch