How Do Instructors Decide What Our Bodies Need?

What we look like inside

What we look like inside

Ever wondered how an instructor knows what exercises will work for you?

The other day while I was working out, I thought about why the instructor chose a particular exercise for me to do. How does the instructor decide what is right me and my body today?

Lucky for me, I work in a place where I can ask questions. What I learned sparked my interest and increased my respect for the instructors and their knowledge.

From their first interactions with us, the instructors are finding out how we move. Do we stand straight? How do we sit down and stand up again from the chair? Do the shoes come off easily.

All of this starts to form an idea of a routine that will work for each of us.

After this quick visual and maybe verbal assessment, the instructor might choose a certain piece of apparatus for us to work on. The Mat and Cadillac are the most stable places to start... no moving carriages or parts, so it's a good place for someone who might need some stability that day.

The Reformer is a great place to work body imbalances and length. It helps build strength while also working stretch and length.

The Chair is about Strength and will give less support and less stability than the other pieces of apparatus.

And the Barrels help us work on opening our chest or our hips. If we feel slumped over or particularly tight in the hips, they are a great place to help open us up!

When the instructor asks how we feel, it is not idol chit chat. The instructor uses this information to help develop the workout. Modifications are important to ensure that we are safe and feel better when leaving the studio.

It also gives the instructor an idea of where we at on any given day... do we need to breathe and release some stress? Or do we need some motivation to get moving and physically empower ourselves.. all of this in a short period of time! If you have any thoughts you need your instructor to know... please make sure you tell them as they are listening attentively!

Sara Dorsch