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Our classes happen throughout the day, evening and weekend. You can book a private session or participate in a small group class. The studio offers Pilates on many types of apparatus including the reformer, chair, tower and mat. We combine cardio with strength and flexibility in our spin, barre and TRX classes. Scroll down and read a more detailed description for each type of class. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our classes are all levels unless otherwise specified. Discounts offered to seniors over the age of 75 and students with ID. For up-to-date schedules for Trios and Group Classes, visit our Schedule page.

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About Equipment Sessions

The Pilates Reformer provides clients with a total body workout as it works to balance out any imbalances or weaknesses in the body. The Reformer uses springs and a cable and pulley system to execute exercises lying down, sitting, kneeling, and standing.  

Privates: Utilizes different pieces of pilates apparatus based on the needs of the client and theme of session. 

New Client Special: For those who are curious about what Pilates is and how to use the apparatus we offer 3 one hour private sessions on the Reformer $165 for Tier 3 and $195 for Tier 2.

Duets: Two students with one instructor using multiple pieces of apparatus. 

Trios: With three students to one instructor, the class works through the Classical order, as we know it, is taught.  Typically, the students are doing the same exercises together, but, depending on the needs of each person, there may be differences.  We request a client come to a minimum of three private sessions first to understand the apparatus and the cues.


About Group Classes


Pilates Mat: 

The Mat class was the first one that Joe Pilates developed. The Classical method follows closely to his original routine. Working the entire body, the class moves through a series of exercises that are choreographed to develop strength, tone and flexibility. The exercises are repeated in each class so the client can see improvement and works towards a deeper connection with the muscles and breath. By strengthening the core (powerhouse), the body will develop a leaner, longer look.  Each class may use props such as resistance bands, Magic Circle, light weights if appropriate.

Mat Progressions:

This Mat class explores the various Mat exercises developed by Joe Pilates. Time will spent breaking down exercises and working on understanding the movement. There is an emphasis on breathing and flow. Students will leave feeling stronger in their entire body with a focus on the core.


The Tower apparatus uses Arm and Leg Springs, the Push Through Bar, and Roll Back Bar to increase the strength and stretch the client can achieve.  Some progressions from Mat and Reformer may be seen in this total body workout. The Tower is based on the Pilates Cadillac apparatus where we take clients to work what their bodies need.  Thus, there is not a set order of exercises or routine.  Students of all levels are encouraged to take this small group class and beginner students are welcome.

Some of the tower classes are combined with the TRX. These combined classes are either ½ tower ½ TRX or intervals of tower and TRX.


Spin: Spin classes are typically 30 min in length and combined with a 30 min segment of Pilates or TRX.   During a Spin class, clients will achieve a strong cardio workout while being either seated  or standing on their bikes.  Your instructor will cue you through a variety of scenarios where you increase tension to ‘ascend a hill’ or perhaps keep tension lower but increase speed to ‘pass another rider.'

Spin/Tower/TRX: This class combines the cardio workout of traditional spin with stretching and strength building from tower/TRX.


A total body sculpting workout using the ballet barre and small, isometric, concentrated movements to create lean dense musculature and exquisite movement control. We offer several variations of barre classes.

TRX Barre

A total body workout including cardio. Using both the barre and the TRX straps, you will work on strength and stability as well flexibility. You will move between the barre and the TRX straps throughout the workout.

Class with a Cause

We love Pilates and our community. Periodically we will team up with a local group to increase awareness. The mat class will be pay by-donation and all proceeds will go to the local group. Check out our newsletter and our homepage for more information.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid late cancellation fees. All cancellations made within 24 hours will be charged the full amount of the class or session. All early cancellations must be done online at the MindBody app. To download the app, please use this link: If you have any difficulties, contact Sara at the front desk or via email


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